Monday, April 29, 2013

How Could I Forget?

What have I been forgetting?

*How much I love riding my bike.  I drug it out yesterday and rode it down to school to grade projects.  I love that dusty old thing.  Time to make riding a daily, relaxing event.

*My Wii. It went on a trip to Big City last summer to visit L.  I hadn't been using it much, so I loaned it.  She returned it at Christmas, and we just now got it hooked up.  I have missed my Wii Fit Plus, and my balance is living proof of it.  On my first day, my balance and fitness put my age at 78.  Yikes!  Day #2 put me at 48.  Much better.  (I really don't put much credence in either number, but my balance is really bad right now so I'm guessing the 78 is closer to the truth.)  I love biking or running around the "island," the ski jump and slalom, and boxing.  I forgot just how much I loved playing on the Wii Fit.

*Having a half day off for no particular reason.  Today, we have inservice.  It was supposed to be all day, but for some wonderful (and unexplained) reason, the Superintendent and BOE decided to give us the afternoon off.  (Bless their hearts!) The weather is supposed to be beautiful.  We have three weeks of school left, but I have never been more relieved to have a free afternoon.

And summer isn't far behind...and no teacher forgets that!

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Amy said...

Having this afternoon off was WONDERFUL! :)