Friday, April 12, 2013


What inspired me this week?

*A 1934 "Bulletin" from Tiny Town High.  It is a combination yearbook, calendar, and curriuculum guide.  Common Core Standards?  Education Pathway?  They were already there.  The English II curriculum is one that would challenge the best of my students.  Quite interesting, and probably what I should be teaching today.

*Internet searching for costumes, sets, special effects, and makeup ideas for next fall.  I have several folders of ideas.

*iMovies in Teaching Class.  It took a bit, but the students created some excellent videos to promote the Teaching Pathway.  Hopefully, the videos will be shown in freshman classes during enrollment week. 

*Strawberries, a bit of sugar, and balsamic vinegar.  Who knew?  Sounds like an unusual combination, looks a bit strange, but was delicious.  Yum.  I'll make that again.

*Purple it up.  Tiny Town Schools are wearing purple today to show support for our military families: honoring those who serve our country and the families that sacrfice for them to be able to serve.

*The weather.  Well, it inspired me to drag out a pair of flip flops on Monday and Tuesday, and then snuggle in again the rest of the week and pretend like it was January.

And that is the week that was!

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