Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking Back Before Looking Ahead

I am gathering information and starting to work on next fall's musical.  All the work ahead of me made me want to go back and look at this year's shows. 

Fall's "Beauty and the Beast"

Spring's "Our Town"
(Since I haven't posted photos yet, I divided them into Acts.)

Act I- The Daily Life

Act II-  Love and Marriage

Act III-  Death and Dying
The shows weren't perfect.  Watching them, I always find other things that I wish I had done or done differently or better. 
Both shows were an improvement and a stretch from the year before.  "Beauty and the Beast" required crazy costumes, little kids, dancing, and a massive set.  "Our Town" is the first serious drama that didn't rely on silliness. 
Next fall's "Wizard of Oz" promises to be an even bigger stretch.  We'll still use little kids and crazy costumes, but there are lots of special effects, a lot of sets, dancing, and a dog! 
Yep, not only over the rainbow--but jumping in over my head.   

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