Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Thursday

*Sleep in two hour increments is just not cutting it.  (I think this falls into the "getting old is h-e-double hockey sticks" category.)

*Grading, grading, and grading.  I am about to catch up so that I can fall behind again.  (The story of the English teacher's life.)

*Long lunch at Tiny Town High today.  These started in the trailers after the tornado and have morphed into a semi-annual event.  We run the 8 period assembly schedule, but instead of having an assembly, that hour combines with their 30 minute lunch to make an hour and 20 minute lunch period.  Underclassmen bring grills and footballs for a tailgate lunch atmosphere out on the plaza in front of the school.  Upperclassmen have time to make the short drive to neighboring towns and can sit in restaurants and eat long lunches.  The teachers are having a lunch catered for a retirement luncheon.  We kept some of the best of Trailer High.

*My feet are killing me these days.  I think they need flip flop weather. 

*The Elite by Kiera Cass came out this week.  It is a YA novel and the 2nd in a series.  I call these Hunger Games meets "The Bachelor."  As soon as I finish it, it will make the rounds of sophomores.  I hope I get my grading done, so I have time to read!

No sleep, sore feet, lots of grading to do and a book that is begging to be read.  Yep.  I need a weekend!

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Life in a Small Town said...

What a nice long break for everybody! Sounds like a fun time!