Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Storms

Tornado season is upon us.  So this is just a reminder from Tiny Town if storms hit your area.

Seek shelter in the lowest level of your house, away from windows. 

What do you take?

*Shoes for each person.  Not flip flops, but shoes.  (Flip flops are not good in the debris from the aftermath of a storm.)

*A windbreaker or jacket for each person.

*A radio with batteries.

*Cell phones and chargers.

*Your purse or wallet.

*A flashlight for every two people.  A group of 16 tried to share one flashlight after the tornado that hit Tiny Town.  It didn't work very well.

*A leash for your pets.  Pets are traumatized by storms and don't act normally.  Families had to carry them to control them, and one guy made a leash from the drawstring in his sweats.

Some people put together a bag/box of what they need:  food, water, prescription medicine, diapers, family photos, important papers, etc.  Every family needs different things.

I never thought a tornado would hit here.  It did.  Some of these things Tiny Town citizens learned the hard way. 

I hope you don't need these tips, but if you do--you might as well know what we didn't.

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Life in a Small Town said...

Helpful tips. We don't get tornadoes here very often, but it could happy.