Monday, April 22, 2013

The Good- The Bad- The Beautiful

Weekend update.

The good:
Most of Saturday
*Coffee with the Mr., the Judge and Sweet SIL on Saturday morning.
*Shopping by myself.  I didn't spend much money, but picked up a few things I needed and looked at a lot that I didn't need.
*Babysat the Bug for a few hours.  We visited Papa at the RV sale, played with Baxter, hid Easter Eggs (still!), and ate supper before going to watch Prom Walk In.
*Prom walk in with Sweet SIL was fun, but cold.  The kids looked so nice, though the camouflage tuxes were a bit different.

Part of Sunday
*A trip to the farm to see Dad and B
*Lunch after figuring out some photo uploading on Dad's computer (My students would be so proud that I can actually show someone some computer knowledge!)

The bad:
The hot water heater unloaded gallons of water in my basement on Sunday morning.  Ugh! 
Fans are running 24-7 to dry the carpet. 

The Beautiful:

Sunday afternoon, the plumber convinced a local hardware store to open up and let him get us a new water heater. He installed it on Sunday afternoon. And we had hot water by 6 PM.  Gotta love Tiny Town!

Oh, and the view out Dad and B's kitchen window:
Not a bad view for doing dishes!

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