Saturday, April 27, 2013

The View From the Hall

And this is what I've learned, seen, or heard walking down the halls of Tiny Town High.

*Freshman "swimming" across the floor.  (OK.  I might have encouraged them to show me this trick, but only if they agreed to audition for the show next fall.)  I missed the "rowing in a boat" antics.  The principal tells me they have it all on camera.

*A little pink sticker heart has been stuck on the floor for quite awhile...Valentine's Day??  I finally stopped and used my thumbnail to scrape it up this week.  Yep, I scraped up love.

*A group of boys leaning on the lockers in a long row.  (Impressing the ladies??)

*A sophomore journalist shows up at my room and needs an interview.  I step out of the classroom and there is no camera.  As he leads me to an empty hallway and his senior journalist friend, I know something is up.  When they have me throw something in the trash can and someone is in the can with a mask on, I don't blink an eye.  I don't scare too easily these days!  And if you really want to fool me--don't send the ornery kid to draw me into your tricks.

 *Totally inappropriate comments.  Do they think I'm deaf?  Well, I kind of am.  It shouldn't be said aloud in the first place, but it certainly shouldn't be said loud enough that the semi-deaf teacher can hear it.

*Hit each other in the crotch is still a game that HS boys play.  *argh

*Oh, and "West Side Story."  A sophomore girl walks by and says that every day.  She's hoping that if she says it often enough, I'll choose that for the musical her senior year.

Kids.  Gotta love 'em. 

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