Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What To Do With A Half Day Off?

Well, if you're me...

*Hit the Walgreens to find the correct supplement for memory and cognitive function and energy.  Trust me.  I was taking the wrong supplement since before Christmas, and by March I was a wreck.  I realized the mistake and a month in with the correct one, I am 100% myself again.  I don't dare run out of them or make that mistake again.  (Pretty sure the Mr. won't let me either.)

*Painted the clothesline poles.  You see, I put in a request for my birthday (didn't happen) and now Mother's Day, that I get my clothesline up and running again.  All it needs is new lines now.  And besides painting the poles, I've also purchased the clothes pins, and I'm hunting for a cute clothespin bag to make out of recycled clothes.  Yessiree, I might be taking care of my own Mother's Day gift.  I'm guessing the Mr. is feeling the pressure!  *yeah, right!

*Talked to the Kid Sister in California.  Catching up on daughters, husbands, and grandbabies. 

*Sat on the patio with Baxter while I talked to Kid Sister.  Sunshine was glorious.  I have to enjoy sunshine while I can.  Snow is in the forecast for Thursday.

*And I played on the Wii Fit.  It is easy to see how my HS kids become obsessed with video games.  I'm not obsessed, but it sure is fun. 

It couldn't be all play.  I graded a few late papers and tests.  You know what they say about all play and no work... yeah, I don't either, but I'd love to give it a whirl! 

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