Monday, April 1, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

I had a nice, quiet birthday.  L was in Big City for Easter Weekend, and K and family went to her in-laws.  They had gone together and got me a beautiful new purse--delivered on Friday from the Bug.  The Mr. and I went to dinner and ran into a former student and her husband.  In fact, the restaurant was full of a lot of former students.  It was fun to see all of them. 

Easter was a beautiful day.  After church, we had dinner with Dad and Grandma B, Uncle Don, the Judge and SIL A, and K, CT, and the Bug who had come back on Saturday evening.  The Mr.'s little brother and family came up later in the afternoon to watch some egg hunting.   

Dad had picked these jonquils (daffodils?!  I can never tell them apart.) for me from my Grandma's old home place.  Just the early spring gift I needed.
I am still out of school today.  For some reason, they gave us the Monday after Easter, too.  I'm not complaining.

Just enjoying the quiet and filing away the memories.


Mary Cooper said...

Is there a difference between jonquils & daffodils? Love the arrangement in your trifle dish lined with peeps! That little Bug just gets cuter & cuter!
Glad you had a good birthday!

Beth said...

The bug is so adorable in her Easter hat. Sounds like a lovely birthday and Easter. Mine got better as the day went on.
We were supposed to have today off and prof. dev. tomorrow, but we teachers had to have our stuff today and everyone is back tomorrow. We lost Thurs. too---two snow days had to be made up.
Love your flowers and how you arranged them with the peeps.:>)