Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

What a beautiful weekend.  The weather was wonderful, which meant spending quite a bit of time outside. 

Saturday, I spent most of the day running loads of clothes out to the clothesline.  My whole house smelled like clothes fresh from the line. I had time to read and watch movies because the Mr. had to work, L stayed in Big City, and K had a house full of in-laws. 

Sunday, the Mr. and I headed to U town.  After a really great breakfast with K, the Lady Bug, CT, and his parents, I rode the bike trail through U town. 

This trail follows part of an old railroad track right through U town.  You can hear the traffic once in awhile, but you can't even see it.  This is right in the heart of town.
Then suddenly, you are riding with the town on one side and fields on the other.  But best of all--
you end up riding by a river that runs by U town.  Gorgeous morning for a ride.

After a lazy afternoon, K, CT, and the Bug came up for supper cooked by the Mr.  Buggy brought me a card with her fingerprints making the petals of the flower.  So cute. 

It was a wonderful weekend, but we sure missed having L around.  (We might have kept the cell phones hot between talking and texting!)

I'd complain about going back to school, but seriously-- only 5 days left. (And only 3 of those with all of my students.) 

If this weekend is a promise of what the summer will bring, I am soooo ready!

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