Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Clothesline

The Mr. came through! 
When I got home from school yesterday, he had put up my new clothesline.  I think he financed the expensive part of this plan.  I had painted our rusty poles with paint someone had left off at the landfill.  I might have paid a dollar or two for the can of old paint.  He paid about $35 for the new lines, hooks, and hardware to tighten the line easily. 

I'd already bought the clothespins a couple of weeks ago. Target:  $1.97 for 50 clothespins.  For that price, I took two.
Grandma used to have the neatest clothespin bag.  I had to do a bit of re purposing to find something that would work.  It isn't like Grandma's, but I figure it will work for now.  (Think I can find a peach basket and liner for my clothes basket now?)  I found one of L's old cheer tank tops and a hanger from when the girls were little.  One quick seam, and voila! a clothespin bag.

First things on the clothesline?  Sheets, of course.  I haven't slept on line dried sheets in almost 20 years.  Best. Smell. Ever.
And Happy Mother's Day to me!  (I'm sure our AC bill will thank me this summer, too!) 

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Congrats on your new 'solar dryer'. That's what the box said on my twirl around clothesline on a pole. I may have used a dryer once or twice in our 43 years of marriage, and that was because we had found a stacked washer dryer, small one piece unit. It took forever for the clothes to dry. I love hanging the laundry out, taking it down and the scent it all has, sunshine and fresh breezes.

Enjoy your electric bill should be a LOT cheaper this summer.

Happy Mother's day to you.