Saturday, May 25, 2013

Random Fun

My week:

*Shopped for a new bathing suit (never fun) and bought my first pair of Dansko shoes.  Those shoes are an investment--and worth every penny for my poor feet.  Thank you, Cousin A for pointing me that direction.  (And it sure would be great if they ever went on sale!)

*Took my acrylic nails off for the summer and am now sporting an inch of gray hair.  (Yes, it is going to be a gorgeous summer!)

*Met with English colleagues for a lot of work on the Career and College Readiness Standards.  I think I could spend the rest of the summer working on this.  Best discovery:

*Pulled out the script for the musical.   I will spend June working on both the standards and the musical.  (July is mine. July is mine. I keep telling myself that!)

*Got to see the house Little Big Brother and sweet SIL are going to buy in Tiny Town.  Quite a project and very exciting.  (Still only 4 blocks away--but downhill this time!)  Of course, when I say project--that means they won't move for about 6 months.

*Had coffee and dessert with Dad and B, the Colorado kids, and all of us who live in Tiny Town.  They went to view the house project, too. 

*Forced the Mr. into using his day off for yard work.  (Good thing he loves me!)  After the mowing and weed whacking (!), we planted flowers.  Deer food?  I hope not.  Last year was a bust. We shifted some trellises around, and even potted a couple things for the cemeteries this weekend.  Seems like we plant later every year.  This year, the snow was a good excuse!  (Of course now there are a bunch of branches and bushes that need to be pruned and one giant tree that needs to come down.)

*I finished Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool (which I loved) and am in the process of finishing Cinder by Marissa Meyer.  The jury is still out on the second one.  Both are young adult novels that we are looking at for a schoolwide read next year. 

And in spite of what looks like more work than play, it has been a good week. 

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Anonymous said...

I loved "Navigating Early", too. (I'm hoping you also read her book, "Moon Over Manifest.") I had the opportunity to hear Clare Vanderpool speak at a conference in March. So nice she is a "Kansas" author. BJB