Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby News on Easy Street

For several months now, I knew L would be seeing an OB specialist at about five months into her pregnancy.  I tried not to worry.  Heck, I tried not to think about it.

Earlier today, I went with her to see the specialist.  CB had to work, so I went along for support.  (I'm really lousy support, but L doesn't know that.  I cry.  I feel sick.  I can't breathe.  And I have a heck of a time hiding it!)  They did an extensive sonogram and Baby B checked out A-OK.  Quite a relief to all of us.

And if it wasn't enough to learn that Baby B is healthy, I can also announce that L and CB just learned today that they are having a boy!  Quite exciting.

L took a balloon and cake to CB at work, to give him the good news.  Then she took some cupcakes home to let the girls know that they will have a little brother.
He's been saying it was a boy all along.
The girls might have been hoping for another girl, but they were rocking the mustaches!  A baby half-brother will be just fine.

And now, I might be able to think about (worry about?) something else.  And perhaps L will be able to sleep. 

We have so much to be grateful for.  We have a little Bug, and now are going to have a Baby Bee! 


Beth said...

Congratulations! I always worried too!
It's wonderful to have both genders and having a boy will be such a new experience for you and the Mr.--you'll scratch your heads at times, but will love it!

Kim said...

What fun to add a little boy to the mix! Congratulations to all! (And I definitely understand the worrying.)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Soooo happy for her! Baby boys in November are pretty special I hear. ;) And, ours will be a baby bee as well! Our gray and yellow is home for a whole bunch of honey bee themed stuff, since Dan's a "beekeeper". :)