Thursday, June 27, 2013

Heat Wave

Today, it is supposed to be miserably hot.  What's a girl to do? 

Well, I am reading at story hour at the library.  (Air conditioning turned up, I hope.)  L was going to join me, but we figured she had enough excitement for the week.  Hopefully, she will have her feet propped up in the AC today.

Then, I am going to take advantage of ridiculous heat and our typically crazy wind and hang sheets out on the line.  I might as well take advantage of what Mother Nature is providing.

This afternoon late, I am watching the Bug so Daddy can get some gardening done in peace.  I'm sure they will both be thrilled to see Mommy tomorrow.

AND...hopefully, I am going to see my niece who has been in Europe since last August.  She arrived home late last night. (And I'm pretty sure our weather made her wonder why she came home!)  Her mom and dad have bought a house while she's been gone, but not moved.  And I hear that they might have a slightly used dog to introduce, not only to her, but to Baxter and Easy Street, too. 

Cooler weather is suppposed to be headed our way.  I'm pretty sure I won't complain.

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