Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday To Do List

These are the things I need/want to get done today:

*hang bedding out on the line to air out the comforters
*sweep the patio
*box up some of the girls things in the basement (I'm making progress)
*sort through two different groups of old photographs
     ~the childhood pictures of my mom
     ~the Mr.'s family photos
*clear the bedroom clutter that is driving me crazy

What I would love to do today:

*catch up on blog reading
*read a couple of books I picked up at the library
*drag out my sewing machine for a couple of quick sewing projects
*head to the farm to see the out of state relatives
*darn near anything but house work

Yeah, and nothing is going to get done if I don't get off the computer! 

Happy Saturday!


Beth said...

On the bright side you didn't have to add grading to the list! ;>)
I must start packing for a move!:>)

Relyn Lawson said...

I've been doing lots of home projects instead of blogging, too. But, I finally got the Linky ready for my Things I Learned In June post. I hope you will come by and see me and play along.