Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things To Love

Things I Love...

Baxter's new haircut
Bookstores with comfy chairs for browsing
Windy days for drying clothes on the line
Hummingbird feeders
Finding Rick's mom's large print Bible--with photos of the girls and newspaper clippings about the Mr. tucked inside
Flavored coffee creamer
People who donate packing pallets for free lumber for the theater
Verbena--how have I not known what a pretty flowering plant this is before now? 
Butterflies--that the Verbena attract
The app "My Fitness Pal" to keep track of exercise and calories
A full moon--in fact, a super moon
Watching baby birds learn to fly
Cleaning out old magazines and office clutter
Making progress on the play
Creating templates for lesson planning next fall
An ottoman for propping my feet up at the end of the day
Water-- ice cold for drinking, hot for baths and showers, and cool for playing in on hot days
Pink and white check lounging capris
Clearing out a whole bunch of old technology: computers, phones, VCR's, etc.  (A recycling service offered locally.)

Concentrating on the good stuff today. 

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