Thursday, July 25, 2013


*My coffeepot died.  Again.  For the second time this year.  *sigh  A replacement has not been found.  Soon.  Really soon!

*Sleep eludes me.  I was waking up every two hours.  However, last night was a new one.  I woke up after four hours of sleep and could not go back to sleep.  Ridiculous.  I need a plan before I start back to school.  Heck, I need a plan right now before the Mr. kills me!

*Google calendars.  Tiny Town High uses Google Calendar.  I hate putting things on it.  The problem is that there are three different calendars that apply to us:  High School calendar, High School Weekly announcements calendar, and the USD calendar.  I never know which one to use for sure.  I have three months of rehearsals to record on a calendar.  Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....!  Sure hope I pick right, because I don't want to have to record all the rehearsals twice or worse yet, three times!

*Playing when I should be working.  Yesterday, I took L, and the CCs (CB's daughters) out to lunch, and then we joined my niece and her three boys at their neighborhood pool.  The kids all got along so well, the pool was really nice, and it was good to see them all.  The CCs didn't know I was coming, so I surprised them.  They have adapted quickly to the WSM (wicked stepmother!) and taken to calling me Grandma.  (No prompting needed.)  The Lady Bug was calling me Nana, but that has evolved into Nina.  (Who knows?!!)  Maybe she will teach the CCs to call me that, too. 

OK.  Time to buy a new coffeepot, take a nap, and then get those rehearsals on ONE of the calendars.

Sad.  All I really want to do is play!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried melatonin for sleeping?

Mrs. E said...

I have tried it with some success, so I may have to give it a go again.