Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Fun

The last two days have been crazy. 

On Monday, CrAzY cousin Ree came to town.  She also happened to bring my favorite Auntie C with her. 
Such a nice visit.  We had a BBQ on the back patio with Little Big Brother's family and K, CT, and the Bug joining us. 

As if Ree isn't exciting enough on her own, she brought her dog Dinkum with her.  Mr. Baxter might have met his match. 
Dinkum loved to bat Bax with a paw, just to hear Bax bark.  Ree brought Bax a pressed vegetable gnaw treat, which Baxter promptly took and hid from Dinkum and then enjoyed gnawing on Dinkum's treat.  He didn't bring out that thing until they left, and then when the Mr. tried to pick it up, Bax growled at him.  How dare he touch that gem!  And now thanks to Ree, Bax is also the owner of an unstuffed skunk with squeak toys in it.  He is in little dog heaven! 

Laughter, food, and beautiful weather-- couldn't have asked for more.  (Well, maybe Ree's siblings and dad could have joined us...but we'll try that another day!)

Then yesterday, I babysat for the Bug.  (The daughter of her regular sitter was getting her wisdom teeth out.)  She is such a busy girl, and we had a good time.  I laughed and laughed at her.

She started out with the baby in the stroller.  Five minutes later, the baby was on the floor and she was shopping with the stroller, now cart.  Finally, she sat in it and begged to be pushed.  Bax looked on in stunned silence, following me around the house as I pushed her round and round. 

Lately, Bug has taken to calling me Nina.  It is adorable.  Of course, when Mommy says the Bug is going to visit Papa and Nina she corrects her.  "It's Nana, Mama!"   But then her other Grandpa is "Cowpa, Steve." 

Yesterday, I got to enjoy all of this:

*Squatting on the chair and saying, "Shhhh...I'm hiding from Baxter."  Then she would raise her eyebrows and make a perfect O with her mouth to show how sneaky she was.

*"Fix it, Nina!"  She handed me the Nook to find her game.  I glanced down for a second.  When I looked up she was standing in the chair, holding my full cup of coffee, and smiling at me because she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing it.  She looked kind of smarty as she handed it off.

*She pretends she isn't going home with Mommy.  While Mom puts things in the car, she runs back to me or Papa, clings to our neck, and says "Bye, Mommy!!" She smiles and giggles.  You can tell she thinks this is the best game.  Mama has even started the car to leave and she just laughs and laughs, not the least concerned.

*Playing the piano.  She plays every key.  She says, "Sit, Nina, sit!"  So I play and she adds her own melody to it.  It is quite fun and one thing that keeps her attention for awhile.  Oh, and climbing on and off the bench is quite fun, too.

And no one was more ready for that nap, than Nina/Nana.  Well, maybe Baxter was ready for her nap, too.  An hour and fifteen minutes of quiet house, then it was up and at 'em again!

We ended the day outside, blowing bubbles, picking up rocks, jumping off steps, and digging in the dirt.  Finally, she sat by Baxter.  It looks so loving, but I saw her pinch him, too.  Poor Bax, just turned around and looked at me like, "When is she going home?" 
I wonder if Baxter knows he's about to be outnumbered? 

Today, Nina is taking it easy.  Little girls are hard work.  You can ask Baxter.  He's barely budged this morning.


Kim said...

Looks like you had a good time. What a cute little girl! Kinley liked the piano, too. She also spent as much time IN the doll cradle as the baby doll did.

Cousins said...

We had a GRAND time....thanks for all the good food and company! Dinkum slept all the way back to the big city. Glad Baxter liked his chew, tell him I said "sqeak on you little stinker!" I don't think Tiny Town could handle all of us AND my siblings at the same time :-) Hope to see you all again at Christmas! Love you my CrAzY cousin! Ree