Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sewing Without A Pattern

Today, I am dragging out the sewing machine.  I've got a box of fabric in the basement that I purchased 20+ years ago.  I've been storing it for "someday."  I guess that day is today.

L wants me to make chair pockets for her kindergarten room.  Her kids sit at tables and have no place for storage.  She wants each chair to have a pocket that stores their pencil box and a folder.  She sent me a link to a website that tells how to make them.  It isn't exactly a pattern, just a few suggestions that might work.  Did I mention that she needs 25 of them?  Yep.  Twenty-five!  I am meeting her at the half-way point some time this week to pick up one of her little chairs.  I need the first one to fit before I go any further. And then I'm hoping I can talk sweet SIL and one of her girls to add their two machines to mine to finish these off in short order.

For today's project, I think I will attempt to recreate a favorite skirt.  I've got some similar fabric, and I'll use the original skirt for a pattern.  Kind of.  I'll change the length and the waistline a little.  The fabric is stretchy, so I won't even need to put a zipper in it.  (The original doesn't have a zipper either, though it does have a decorative belt.) 

I'm praying the sewing machine doesn't give me any trouble.  The poor thing is 38 years old, so we'll see. 

Sometimes, sewing without a pattern works out.  Sometimes, it doesn't.

We shall see.

Life Lessons Here?
   *Someday is today.
   *Sometimes it is easier to follow directions
   *Sometimes it is worth it to carve your own way
   *Many hands make for a lighter work load
   *Just because it's old, doesn't mean it can't still do the job

That's all I got.

Oh, and if it all ends up a disaster, I'm heading to the library.  That's my happy place!


Kim said...

Oh my! You are braver than I am. Sewing is not my thing. However, if you start to get discouraged, remember that I went to a wedding this weekend where the mother of the bride crafted two wedding dresses, a little white dress for her granddaughter and her own dress. Now that would send me over the edge. Good luck! I hope only the positive life lessons come true!

Life in a Small Town said...

I'm in awe of anybody who can sew! All of my sisters can, but I guess mom didn't have any more patience by the time she got to me!
A lot of teachers at my schools have the pocket slips, and they're pretty neat!