Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer By The Numbers

17-  days until I report for school

2-  appliances that have shot craps on me:  the coffeepot and the iron

25- classroom chair pockets I am sewing for L's Kindergarten room  (I have lost my mind!)

100's- times the Lady Bug has made me smile.  That girl is a wild woman and in her own words, "I funny, Momma."  And, she is.

50- dollars saved every month on our electric bill by not running the dryer.  Yea for the clothesline!

1000's- things to do for school and the fall musical in those 17 days I have left  *sigh

1.5-  inches of gray showing  (not much change)

3- granddaughters I have now-- ages 10, 6, and almost 2

4-5- hours I am sleeping a night  (this from a kid who needed 10-12 a night, and as an adult prefers 8)  *argh!

1-  brand new coffeepot!

Have I mentioned 17 days left? 

"Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee."

OK.  There's a better chance of me making it through those 17 days and getting everything done now that I have a coffeepot that works again.

Where has this summer gone?

1 comment:

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, look at all of those numbers. I can't believe you just have a little over two weeks until you go back to school.

Bugs is most definitely a sweetie pie.

The gray/silver does take awhile to grow all out. My hair is just about to my waist and mostly silver now with very little brunette color left. It's been like that for years though and I'm glad I'm through with coloring my hair.

Have a lovely weekend Mrs. E ~ FlowerLady