Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Love

I love...

the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network and her blog

babysitting a potty training Buggie.  (I get wild applause when I go potty, too.  Yea, Nana!)

the time spent in that other U town with an old friend

"Kiss Me Kate" put on by that other U.  (The audience sat on their rotating stage--and rotated to their 4 different sets.  Awesome!)

breakfast with Cousin Holybovine--I don't see her often enough

gin and tonics made by niece Lu for Little Big Brother's birthday last night

a princess potty chair  (No wonder she expects wild applause with every performance)

calls about L's nursery-- time to get Grandma E's second glider chair reupholstered for this nursery

that Back-to-School shopping is pretty much done for this teacher  (Dankso shoes on sale!!)

rainy days--when I don't feel too guilty about movie afternoons

toast and peanut butter breakfasts- comfort food at its best!

that first garden tomato, even if we did have to buy it from a farmer's market

Sunday drives with the Mr.

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