Tuesday, July 16, 2013


For morning walks, I have to set the alarm.  I shake myself awake, and head up the hill of Tiny Town with K.  Sometimes sweet SIL, the Bug, and niece Lu (or any combination of the aforementioned) join us.  I don't take Baxter, as I don't figure everyone needs to be wrapped up in his leash!  The time of our walk depends on whether K is working or not.  If she's working, we walk at 5.  If she's not working, we walk at 6 or 6:30.

Oddly, I prefer the walks at 5.  There are few cars and just a few other early rising walkers or runners.  It is usually cooler at 5, too.  After 6, we dodge cars, see pets on the loose, and sweat a bit more.

At night, I walk with Baxter.  We wait until dark, so that there are fewer distractions.  Once I force myself out the door, I love walking at night.  Most of the time, there is almost no one out.  Pets have been taken indoors for the night.  The bugs are bad, so people have gone inside, too.  I like the quiet. Lately, street lights have been blinking out (Dumbledore from Harry Potter?), so besides checking out the moon, I can star gaze a bit, too.

Sadly, I have not walked any of the trails around our area for several years.  After the tornado, I left town to walk almost every day.

So, my goal for the end of this summer is to walk the two trails in J town, the River Trail, and the Prairie Trail.  The J town trails are easy and short. (I can do both in one night or morning.) The River Trail is long, and without leaving a car at one end--would be an out and back walk. The Prairie Trail is a more rigorous hike, but the views are worth it. 

I have a lot to do before school starts, but I'm putting this at the top of the list.  These walks might not be important for school or the show, just mini vacations for mental health-- and everything will benefit from that!

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