Saturday, July 6, 2013

Window Washing Fun

Well, I had my first DIY cleaning disaster.  I guess I have been lucky.  A lot of the things I have found on Pinterest have worked.

Laundry Soap--wonderful.

Shower Cleaner- terrific.

Window Cleaner-  nightmare!

Supposedly, you could use this cleaner and hose it off without water spots.  It made sense.  The recipe included ammonia, rubbing alcohol, Jet Dry, and dishwasher detergent.

Not only did it spot, but the spots were almost impossible to get off.  We ended up going back over every window with Windex and paper towels. 

Essentially, it made for double the work, and if I look--I can still see spots that we missed.

After four hours, we quit and went to a matinee.  I might be able to face the last couple of windows that need to be washed sometime next week.

We'll see.  Dirty windows are starting to grow on me.

PS.  I now have a board on Pinterest titled "Disasters" and this was the first pin on it.

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