Thursday, August 15, 2013

Changes Are A Comin'

What's new at Tiny Town High?  (A better question might be, what isn't?!)

*All rooms now have Apple TV's, so we project our own computer or iPad screens instead of using the mini mac.

*Hope you noticed:  iPads!  Yes, all teachers have iPads now, and there are also three carts of them that can be checked out from the library for student use.

*iPads have meant learning all kinds of new apps that are helpful in teaching.  (And if you know any, feel free to send a message my way!)

*Stagecraft class--that I'm teaching this year.  yikes!  A builder, I'm not.  I have a lot of imagination and creativity, but I'm not always sure how to make it a reality.  Thankfully, my principal made sure to add a few students who are good at construction and welding.  And I also got an artist or two!  And that makes me believe that my students will be teaching me much more that I teach them!

*A new music teacher who is a whiz at technology, wants to help the music director and me in any way possible, AND has connections who are experts at lighting and sound.  JACKPOT!

*Common Core Standards:  academic vocabulary, Socratic seminars, etc., etc. etc. I predict the students and the teacher will struggle.

*A new evaluation tool that requires us to upload evidence of work in class and progress of students.  Heck, it requires us to upload evidence of the progress of the teacher, too.  *sigh!

I'm sure there are several other things that I have forgotten.  And all I have to say is....

GULP!!  Here we go...

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