Saturday, August 17, 2013

CrAZy Busy

The last few weeks have been so busy I have:

ignored my favorite blogs

hardly had time for facebook

done a load of wash at 4:30 AM and hung it on the line at 7:00 before I left for school

laminated about a mile of small posters that now need cut and trimmed   *sigh

not looked at Instagram photos in days

ignored emails that need a response...and soon

talked on the phone while I was sewing on the machine (Think there should be a law about that like texting and driving?)

The last few weeks have been so busy I have:

kept all of my major Dr. appointments
learned to use the iPad and the new copier that is replacing my printer at school
hauled life sized Wizard of Oz figures down to Freshman First to advertise the show AND
printed out audition information and rehearsal schedules for Freshman and new kids to see
stored a bunch of fur coats and costumes donated to the drama department
changed every lesson plan that I have created, some of them for the fourth time
delivered a meal to a care group friend with a broken leg
met with both the music director and the costumer for the show
and still managed to walk almost every morning with K and every evening with Baxter

Still on my plate for this weekend and early next week:

downloading the music for the show on my computer

sending the choreographer an audio file of what we are using for auditions

meeting with the choreographer so he can teach me the moves to teach for auditions

figuring out what my stagecraft class needs to begin with

CrAZy, but I'm sleeping like a baby, and I haven't taken up drinking... I guess that is a good sign that I'm not too worried about the craziness.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Have a wonderful school year Mrs. E.

Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

Amy said...

You are a rockstar! Can't wait to hear about auditions for munchkins! ;)