Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Day of My Summer

I head back to school tomorrow, so today is the end of my summer vacation.  I have a few things to do at school in the morning, a Dr. appointment with a new Dr. in the afternoon (Odds are that I'll find one I like one of these days!), and dinner in U town with Cousin A and family from Chicago. We haven't seen her or her kiddos for at least three years.  It will be nice to catch up.

The good news is:  I've been getting up early to walk all summer.  (The alarm has gone off anywhere from 4:35-6:15.)  Waking up early won't be anything new.

The bad news is: no naps. *sniff sniff

So... to end my summer, a blog post I saw for all the teachers out there:  Why Teaching Is So Doggone Hard.

And now, like her blog title says, I'm off Enjoying the Journey.  You should, too.

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