Monday, August 19, 2013

The Bug's Birthday Weekend

We spent part of the weekend celebrating the Lady Bug's Birthday.  She was so excited.  She sang "Happy Birthday" to herself several times. 

After taking Elmo cupcakes to her daycare on her big day, she came to Nina and Papa's for pizza and ice cream in the evening. By then her Grandma and Grandpa from out west had arrived, and her Aunt LeLe and Uncle CB came in time for ice cream. 

Saturday morning, Aunt LeLe "sacrificed" (yeah, right!) her morning to babysit the Bug.  Her momma and other Grandma were running errands, though Buggy was convinced that Momma's only job was picking up her Elmo cake. 

I wish you could have seen the Bug standing in front of our picture window.  She is usually so excited for Mommy to arrive.  Saturday, she saw her car, clapped her hands, and screamed "Elmo Cake!"  She was one excited kid. 

Late that afternoon, we headed over to see the Bug open her big present:
a truck just like Daddy's!  And yes, it has a "gas" pedal, goes forward and backwards, and was great fun for the Big Girl. 

We had supper with K and CT.  His little brother (Unky), wife, and Buggy's cousin were all there for supper, too. 
The girl of the day sure enjoyed the presents and the Elmo cake, even though by cake time she had lost the tutu and blew out candles in her panties.

Two years go by in a flash, and I'm so grateful that I get to see our world from a Bug's Eye View.  I like her world of jelly beans, Elmo, bubbles, little people, and climbing every obstacle that gets in her way.  I hope her world is always full of giggles and hugs and silly songs.

Being a Nina/Nana is the BEST!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to the Bug! It looks like a wonderful world, indeed. This grandparenting thing is the best, isn't it?!

Kitty M said...

Awww belated Happy Birthday to Little Bug Mrs E - I hope you and your family have had a lovely summer. Luca was also two on Monday 19th! We had a little monkey theme for him.

They are so cheeky at this age and like you I can't believe how quick these two years have gone by!