Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Love

I am finally feeling a bit caught up...for about 5 minutes.

What am I loving this week?

*The freeze button on my projector. It allows me to freeze the view of my iPad or computer, so I can keep the student view but work on whatever I need to.  Best find of the last few days.

*"Love It or List It" the HGTV show.

*Sophomores who make me laugh.  There are some real corkers in this year's class; these are not problems, just clever teens.

*The crock pot.  It makes life a lot simpler, and makes walking in the house at the end of the day smell wonderful.

*Apps Gone Free.  This is an app that shows you what apps are featured and free for that day.  I check it out daily.

*A sassy little Bug.  Sunday in church while her Mama and I were saying "Shhh," she put her hands over her ears so she couldn't hear us. Little Smarty Pants.

*The movie "The Butler."  I really enjoyed this glimpse of history.  Forest Whitaker and Oprah were both wonderful.

*Salad in a jar--my new favorite lunch.  You put the dressing and the "messier" salad items on the bottom of a wide mouth quart jar.  Then you add the meat, mushrooms or whatever.  Finally, you top it off with lettuce.  At lunch, you dump it all out in a bowl, and now the lettuce is on the bottom and the dressing is on top.  Easy and yummy!  (And you can make it the night before.) 

Finally, K and I started walking the dogs together again.  They are so grown up now, that it isn't near as much work making them behave.  (Though Baxter still runs through every sprinkler he finds and loves to lay in the wet grass.)  And we haven't seen any skunks yet!

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I need to check and see if I have the "freeze button". I could really use that item! BJB

Anonymous said...

I found the freeze button. Thanks for the tidbit. All of us "late learners" of technology have to stick together! BJB