Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who Knew?

1.  That I would be watering flowers so often after all that rain.  They aren't liking the temperatures, so they've been getting their "wilt" on.

2.  That my health insurance could cost so darn much money. (Can't live without it, but gosh...!)

3.  That a year could begin so hectic:  new technology, new class to teach, lots of changes to the English curriculum, AND "The Wizard of Oz." Yes, I feel a bit in over my head.  The good news:  I really like the new technology.  The new class allows me to work on the show, even though my knowledge of power tools and building is a bit lacking.  Even the changes to the curriculum are already proving to be worth it. Maybe I am breaking even. (It has to be crazy, before it gets better??)

4. That green bugs/cut worms could decimate a wall of green plants overnight.  Holy cow!  I'm telling the Mr. to get some root killer and finish the invasive vines while we have the chance.

5. That high school sports start tonight with our Soap Scrimmages.

And Who Knew that it is only Thursday, when it seems like the longest week on record?  I could really use a weekend!  One.More.Day.

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