Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We are enjoying (not!) the 100 degree temperatures and mosquitoes, by staying in the AC. Cooler temperatures are coming, or so they say.

L and CB arrived last evening for Tiny Town's Labor Day celebration.  First order of business:  seeing the Bug, of course!  And conversationally, she has changed a lot in just a few weeks.  She answers questions and actually thinks about her answers.

The Bug's other grandparents arrived, too.  CT and his dad are hunting elk.  Well, his dad is.  He was lucky enough to draw one of about five licenses to hunt elk in our area.  CT might be a bit jealous, but is enjoying being his spotting buddy.

Buggie plans to enter the frog jumping contest tomorrow.  Right now, that may or may not happen.  Her frog met an untimely demise.  (CT swears he was traumatized by lack of water, and the black lab chasing him all over the place every time he "escaped" the bucket.)  Sounds like Grandpa and Daddy better be hunting up another frog.  (You might think the Bug would be traumatized, but not so much....!  Easy come.  Easy go.)

In the meantime, we have done some shopping for a baby shower in Big City later this month, had a girls breakfast in U town, and taken L and CB to see the new addition to the stadium in U town.

Oh, and we might have sampled a bit of the Redd's Strawberry Ale we discovered.

That's pretty much it.  We are taking it easy on Easy Street.

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