Friday, September 13, 2013

Quiet House

Home after a long Friday. 

The day began with a 7:15 faculty meeting.  We finished in time to make it to 1st hour--barely.

When 3rd hour rolled around, a counselor took my class so I could meet with a possible lighting director for the fall show.  The meeting was promising, so we'll see.

In advisory, two boys decided to break a red ink pen and leave the ink on desktops.  argh!

By afternoon, I am dragging them every step of the way through the day's lesson.

Stagecraft class is, well....Stagecraft class.  "Mrs. E."  "Mrs. E."  "Mrs. E."  Sometimes it makes me hate my name.  However, Dorothy's house is almost ready for a paint job.  Woo hoo!

I have been home about 30 minutes.  My feet are up and I am enjoying the quiet.

For a bit...And then it's off to the first football game of the year and a faculty tailgate.  I know it will be fun, but I wouldn't mind keeping my feet up and just a quiet house. 

Don't I wish...

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