Monday, September 16, 2013


We couldn't have asked for better football weather.  Temperatures in the low 80's and a gentle breeze made for wonderful tailgating and football.  Taking the Lady Bug and her mama only made it that much better.

Yep, the Bug's first U town football game was so much fun.
She tailgated like a pro.
Then it was game time.

Papa explained the finer points of the game.
And a little kettle corn on the side didn't hurt.

Favorite moment of the night?  When she yelled for the band to come back after the pre-game show."Come back!  Come back!!"

She made it all the way into the third quarter, when she took Nana to the car for some quality time with the Nook. 

And it was another win for the U town team!  It was a good afternoon and evening all the way around.


Kim said...

Kinley's favorite part seemed to be the band performance, too. She kept saying, "More! More!"

joyce said...

She's sure grown! I love how her hair bands match her dress, then I see further down a big mass of purple (or is it dark navy blue?) in the stands, so I assume its your colours! Is all that on account of a high school team or is it college football?