Monday, September 23, 2013

Week of Contrasts

Pumpkins and fall flowers are decorating Easy Street for the first days of fall.  Beautiful weather and clear blue skies made the weekend a joy.  And, I went to a baby shower for L and her baby B.  I sure enjoyed seeing family and catching up a bit, though it is always too short.

Today, I'm part of a classroom switch.  A history teacher is teaching my classes about "America on the Home Front during WWII," which is an introduction to the novel we are starting this week.  I'm teaching editorial writing to his World History classes and cooperative federalism to the seniors in Government.  Pressure.  Pressure.  (It should be fun.)

Tuesday, I am headed to a conference on Socratic Seminars.  (In other words, teaching students to question and discuss issues respectfully and thoughtfully.)  My classes have had two seminar sessions already this year, so I think this might be a bit like shutting the barn door after the cows are out.  I'm praying I haven't screwed them up too much.

Thursday, I am going with the Mr. to a cardiologist.  His family doctor thinks that he has cardiomyopathy, a dilation or swelling of the muscle that surrounds the heart.  I think we are both holding our breath a little, with hopes that there is a medication that will take care of this. (And I thought we were going to get through this year without a major medical issue.) 

Throw in a few play rehearsals, a lot of stagecraft class headaches, and plenty of grading, and you can see what this week holds:  some fun, a few headaches, a nagging worry, and beautiful fall weather.

With that, I'll catch you at the end of this week.

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Cousins said...

Hugs for my man........Love & prayers for you BOTH! Love you my CrAzY Cousin!