Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween on Easy Street

The treat:  a little cowgirl named Bug!  Yee haw!  Pictures to come.

The trick:  We have a three day weekend, but I still have play practice on the day off.  Darn it.  But, we are making progress.

The spooky--a 4:45 walk with K, through wet leaves in a misty fog.

The amazing-  As of today, Little Big Brother, Sweet Sister-in-law, and dog Minnie are somewhat homeless in my basement.  Do you think they can survive us??   (I can't wait to have time to go through the remodeling job that will be there new house. Maybe a Halloween evening trip.)

The incredibly bored- that would be L.  Bed rest is not her thing.  Having no control over the particulars of Baby Bee arriving drives her up the wall.  She has to have a plan--and it has to work, or her world spins off track.  (She has no idea that raising kids throws a wrench in everything, and all plans go up in smoke.)

Stay tuned and Happy Halloween!

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