Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Mantra

"I can do this." 

Monday and Tuesday:  1:00 dismissals, Parent Teacher Conference 4-7:30, Play Rehearsal until 9:00.
Wednesday:  Full day of school, Evening Rehearsal 6:00-9:00, LBB and sweet sister-in-law begin their vacation in my basement (Poor things)
Thursday: Halloween, Full day of school, Football game and no rehearsal, Bug Trick or Treating
Friday:  No School, Rehearsal 9-Noon
Saturday:  Dance Rehearsal 1:00-3:39

And somewhere in all this fun, there should be a baby. Needless to say, lesson plans are written in pencil and there are a couple of play directors on standby. 

At this point, all I can do is go with the flow. When I can control it, I do.  When I can't, I'm going with "Oh well." 


Mary said...

You can do it if anyone can! Let me know if you all need anything while in the hospital. I'm close!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, bless you! You have a very full week (without throwing in the birth of a grandbaby!)!! Everything will work out---BJB