Friday, October 4, 2013

Nap Time

I am off school this afternoon, covering for the Bug's sitter.  It is Homecoming week at her momma's school; not exactly an ideal time to miss.  Her daddy is antelope hunting.


I'm sitting here watching the Bug try to go to sleep on Nana's "nap mat" (actually a blanket on the couch) .  She is a genius at distraction: playing with the fringe on a throw, pulling her feet up to her head, slinging the stuffed puppy (the real puppy is smart enough to steer clear) and obviously enjoying herself.

All of this makes me remember staying at Grandma's house when I was little.  There are certain things I will always remember, things like:

*the way Grandma's house smelled
*a side table that had the latest crochet project on it
*playing with rubber dolls
*her sewing porch and all the buttons in the button jars
*metal drinking glasses in a variety of colors
*her well worn garden paths
*the old phone from the house to the barn

And that makes me wonder what the Bug will remember about my house some day.  I'm guessing that she will remember that my house smells different than home does, a crazy floral couch, a throw with fringe, the piano, and the Nook. Oh, and jelly beans, lots of jelly beans, but only one for each hand at a time. **Can't forget plastic Easter eggs year round, walking Baxter, and the neighbor's trampoline...

Well, she finally drifted off--and now Nana CoCo might, too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the memories from Grandma's house. BJB