Monday, October 14, 2013

October Weekend

What a beautiful weekend! 

Little sis arrived from California. We spent time eating, shopping, and talking.   I saw pictures of her granddaughters, and she met the Bug.  We even had breakfast (well, pumpkin donuts and coffee) at the Little Big Brother's new house--still under construction. (I guess I should say it is new to them.  They bought a house that was gutted before/after the tornado and has been sitting empty ever since.)  It is fun to see progress.

Saturday, the Mr. and I went to the U town football game in beautiful weather.  

Little Sis's husband bought Dad a new laptop.  Dad had been wanting to do something different, so he sent M to find him a new computer and wireless setup.  M spent Saturday hooking it up.  (He knows his technology!) 

Sunday, we went to a family reunion.  All of Dad's kids were able to be there--something that doesn't happen often enough these days.  
The plan is for these two to be back again next summer.  Our family has a couple of weddings in June. 
And it is a good thing.  Two years between visits is too long. And the next time, there will be three new grandkids between the two of us.  

I'm betting on a lot of new photos of little people to share! 


Mary said...

I can't imagine not seeing any of my sisters for 2 years! Looks like you had a wonderful time with her!

Softie said...

Wow you all look alike. Your hair does look lighter now in this photo. It really looks nice! Cool glasses too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see pictures of M & M (and the new one of you, too). BJB