Saturday, October 5, 2013

Two Saturday Lists

This Saturday...

*Still in PJ's
*Coffee in hand
*Dance rehearsal with the choreographer this afternoon
*Baby ornaments are finally back in stock at Hallmark, so back to U-town tonight
*More white and green paint is needed for set building--also something glittery gold (This could be a lengthy trip to U town.)
*L is on bed rest and is only about 4 weeks away from delivery.  (I'm predicting a Halloween baby.)

Buggy Sitting Yesterday...

*Four Mickey Mouse shows watched.  And major fit and "I want my momma" moment (no tears) when denied another.
*Walking by the high chair and saying, "Not mine.  Baby E's."  Well, eventually.  His due date is early November.
*Scolding Baxter.
*Jelly Beans and a few "Corns"  (candy corn)  They tasted better when they were in a plastic Easter Egg that I had to hide. (She will only count to six when hiding her eyes, so Nana has to be quick hiding them.)
*When Baxter was on my lap, she wanted on, too.  I asked her if it was crowded.  She said, "Baby E, too."  Yes, then it will be really crowded...and quite fun.  
*Going to sleep meant I had to rub her back, and then finally, "Hold my hand."  I did.  Even asleep, she wouldn't let go.
*Her momma called me after she picked up the Bug and took her home.  "Do you hear that?"  She was having a major fit and screaming, "I want my Nana. I want Nana CoCo." (I'm guessing not a tear there either.)   That girl!!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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