Sunday, October 20, 2013


On Friday, Tiny Town had snow: big, beautiful fat flakes of snow.  It was crazy! And cold.

Saturday, the choreographer had a morning session with almost the entire cast.  So now, our last dance has been learned--learned, not perfected.

Sunday, I went to school and cleaned the scene shop, painted a yellow brick road, and glitter painted an OZ sign.  The Mr. even helped by cutting some wood pieces that we need to complete the set. 
We won't talk about me locking my school keys and my cell phone in a colleague's classroom.  (Her room is attached to my stage, and we use it as a passageway from one side of the stage to the other.)  Yes, and we especially won't mention that the Superintendent of our school district was the one who let me in to retrieve them. *sigh!  Just making points with the bosses every time I turn around.

To top it all off, it is the end of the nine weeks, so grades are due by 4:00 tomorrow.  And we have an inservice in the morning on technology, and I am one half of a duo presenting about blogging for teachers and classroom blogs. (I'm not going to lie.  My colleague is carrying me on this one.  And boy do I owe her!)  The other half of the day is a work day, which I need more than I can say. 

AND...Little Big Brother and his wife are going to be homeless by the first of November, so they are going to be living in my basement. My BASEMENT, which resembles a house under construction itself.  One area has the carpet pulled up and concrete floors visible.  There are three (count them, THREE!) holes in the sheet rock that were left by various plumbers who left the mess after they finished their job.  And that isn't even counting that one of the holes goes into the ceiling sheet rock, too.  *sigh!  Good thing homeless people can't be choosey. Oh, and their dog and possibly their oldest daughter will be joining us, too.  Sounds like the making of a party, doesn't it?! 

Yes, things are a tad on the hectic side, which may be why the Mr. scheduled his sleep test for tonight.  He's avoiding the craziness of Easy Street. 

And now you understand the post title and the bottle of wine in the fridge with my name on it.

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