Friday, November 29, 2013

Birthday Girl

Someone is having a birthday today.  Her life is sometimes a hectic mess.  That's what happens when you are an assistant principal in a high school of about 1500.  In spite of that, she usually can take it all in stride.  There are a couple of people who keep her fairly grounded.
It is hard to believe that my little girl has a little girl of her own.  It doesn't seem that long ago that she was my wispy, blonde haired little girl.  I am discovering that the years go quite quickly: sweet baby to adorable toddler to sassy school girl to high school achiever to college sorority girl to outstanding teacher, to new bride, then mama, and now administrator.  Seems like I just turned around...

Happy Birthday, K!
And many, many more!

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Cousins said...

Wow.......Kate Sue AND Dinkum share a birthday! Happy Birthday Kate Sue....GLAD you're part of our CrAzY family!!!