Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Research projects/presentations over life in the early 1900's.

The pronunciation of corsets has changed through the years.  (Bet you weren't aware.  Neither was I.)  It is now pronounced corSETs.  Every.single.student. Every.single.time.

Leading cause of death in the early 1900's?  Aids.   Seriously?  ("Well, my sister was trying to help me.  She might have been mistaken and thought 1990's." And where were you when she was helping you??  Pretty sure Aids wasn't the leading cause of death in the 1990's either, but if you read it on the internet--it has to be true.  Yikes!)  This was wrong on so many levels. 

After that little conversation??

And the best selling car?  Subaru.  Same kid. At this point I was slitting my throat in my mind.  *sigh

Students...Gotta love 'em or I'd cry.

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