Monday, December 23, 2013

And I'm done...or almost

I am officially done grading.

My Christmas shopping is done. (I don't do much.)

For Little Big Brother and sweet SIL, today is moving day.  The downstairs fridge is still full of their food.  And I don't think LBB has packed his clothes, but almost everything else is gone. Oh, wait.  We still have two extra dogs.  (Thought that might be a bit much with moving crews.)  Even the dogs will be in their new home tonight.

BUT...I haven't made out menus or a grocery list yet. (Grocery shopping while the carpet cleaners are at work tomorrow is the plan.)

I'm enjoying 9-10 inches of snow and a light morning snow, too.

And now that I don't have to think about grading, and my house is almost back to normal, I plan to relax and enjoy Christmas.

And if I don't get the normal Christmas baking done-- oh well.  Fewer pounds to have to lose after the holidays!

Oh, and the Christmas cards are not in the mail.  Those didn't get done.

I guess the correct title for this post would be: And I'm done in.  (No "almost" there!)

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