Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas At The Farm

Today, we went to the farm for the extended family celebration.  The Mr. and I were the only two from our family, as K & L had other plans.

Over soup and football and appetizers, there were domino and uno games and discussions of new jobs (submarine work and nursing), weddings (two in this coming summer), new homes (in the hometown, Tiny Town, and Connecticut), and retirements. 

Three adorable little boys (my niece's boys) always add a lot of life.  The oldest sang and played piano for us.  The youngest (3) loved drying dishes.  (Snapped that up, knowing it won't last long.)  And all three joined Aunt Di in doing Tai Chi in the front yard. (Which came to a quick end when the oldest put his hand in some dog doo doo.  Yikes!)

We watched birds eat outside the dining room windows, admired Dad's "bird feeder" (seed spread on the picnic table), and ate Topsy popcorn. The niece made a beautiful homemade coconut cake with candied cranberries for a Christmas look.  So pretty--and delicious. 

I admired new coffee mugs (Le Creuset), looked through 3-D glasses that made every light look like a star, and discussed books with Grandma B.

It was a relaxing, lovely Christmas gathering.  And I didn't take a single picture.  (I'll have to steal from the sister-in-laws!)

Note to self:  Make more of the mini pigs-in-a-blankets next year. They were a hit--and gone quite quickly.  (Kind of like this Christmas.)

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