Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2nd: Bug Meets Santa

This is the story of the Bug meeting Santa.  She was a hoot. 

First of all, nobody--and I mean nobody--thought she would go through with it.  And she fooled us all.

She was in a long line on a cold night in Tiny Town.  Santa had arrived on the fire truck.  She waited and worried and waited.

When it was her turn, Mommy put her on Santa's lap and she gave her mama a panicked look. 

She looked back at Santa and said rapidly and fairly loudly, "I want an Elmo!"

Then, she looked at Daddy and Nana and mugged for a couple of pictures.  And she was done!  Santa gave her a brown paper bag of goodies and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.  (There were a lot of crying two year olds around.)

The best part of the evening?  On the way to the car, she turned to her Dad (carrying the brown bag of goodies) and said, "Let me see Elmo."  She was pretty sure if she sat on his lap and asked for it, he would produce it on the spot.

You have to love a two year old and how their little mind works. 
The moment of "I'm not so sure about this."
Mugging for the paparazzi.
And...she's done!

Love that little munchkin! She's getting to be such a big girl.

We can close the book on Year #3 of Meeting Santa.

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Kim said...

I don't think they are even going to try with Kinley. She is in a purple cast with a broken ankle and her parents don't think they want to traumatize her anymore! Maybe next year!