Sunday, December 8, 2013

The 12 Days of House Guests

(OK.  So it has really been 30+ days, but...!)

12 bottles of liquor  (which we all need!)
11 loads of laundry
10 hats and gloves
9 high tech gadgets
8 cloves of garlic (yeah, our breath is wonderful!)
7 bones and chew toys
6 coats and jackets  (usually on a chair back)
5 french baguettes
4 jars of peanut butter  (!!!)
3 crazy dogs 
2 pots of coffee
And a kitchen that always needs cleaned!

On a good note-- the Mr. and I haven't had to cook much.
On a bad note--I've gained a few pounds. 
On a good note-- there are always dog walkers.
On a bad note--three dogs on leashes looks a bit like playing the string "Cat's Cradle" when we were kids.

So when will the homeless people in my basement have a home of their own?  Little Big Brother is hoping by the end of this week.  (I think he is optimistic.)  The original plan was before Thanksgiving; now, probably before Christmas. 

I hope the Mr., Baxter, and I will still like each other when we are the only three in a quiet house. 

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