Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter's Song

We're getting closer to the first day of winter, but the temperatures outside make it seem like the middle of January. 

K and I are still walking. 

On Sunday, we walked inside Tiny Town High: round and round like rats on a wheel.  I needed the exercise, but exercising inside is not my favorite thing to do.  So yesterday, the temperature was supposed to be 18.  I told K we should chance walking outside--just bundled up.

When we met on the street at 4:45, K had walked past the bank clock where the temperature was 5.  I had walked south down the hill from our house and when I turned the corner to meet up with her, the north wind was brutal.  I'd had my back to it until I turned the corner.  Yikes! 

K suggested walking back to her house, and she would run me home in the car.  Actually, I called the Mr. and he met us at her house to give Baxter and me a ride home. I don't know if Baxter was grateful, but I sure was!

Obviously, today we were back walking inside.  It is warmer inside, but poor Baxter doesn't get to go with me. He loves being outside in any weather.  Well, except when there is thunder. He's not a fan of storms, and neither am I these days.

I figure being a rat on the wheel is a better bet than losing the end of my nose or fingers to frostbite! 

Yes, the calendar might not say winter, but it certainly feels like it around here.

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