Saturday, January 25, 2014

Belated Birthday Weekend

The Mr. and I are headed to Big City to celebrate L's 31st birthday a week late.  The plan is to spend a lot of time with L, CB and the Little Man.

There will a be shopping trip for L's birthday gift: a long coat with a hood. (Elementary teachers get COLD on recess duty.)

L and I are also planning to see Sister Act.  Big Big Brother and his wife buy season tickets to the Music Hall shows on tour.  They couldn't get away for this weekend and were so nice to give the tickets to me.  L and I are leaving Little Man in charge of the two Big Men.  Yikes!  Hope Little Man likes sports, cooking shows, and beer.  (Eclectic tastes, I know.)

We will go to church with them on Sunday and then return to Tiny Town.

I almost forgot about Baxter.  I was kind of used to having "live-in" dog care.  Little Big Brother and sweet SIL agreed to look in on him from time to time.  I'm sure Bax will be glad to see his old friends.

Little Man has started giggling and smiling and "talking" since we last saw him.  I can't wait to see that little guy.  I hope he didn't forget me!!

Looking forward to a weekend of celebrating some of my favorite people.

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