Friday, January 31, 2014


I survived four nights of rehearsals this week.  Whew!

I survived sophomores doing research and short presentations over Julius Caesar.  I even survived a girl raising her hand at the end of all those presentations and asking, "Was Caesar a myth or a real person?"  (Yeah, I really feel like I am doing my job.  *sigh )

Now, if I can make it through a day of sophomores complaining while they paraphrase Shakespeare into modern English, I know I will be ready for this weekend.  They consider this assignment translating from one language to another.  "Why can't this just be written in English, Mrs. E?" 

"Uh... it is!"  Imagine their surprise.

Can you tell I am ready for a weekend? 

Yeah, I thought so...

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Beth said...

I chuckled at this! I graded a preliminary power point (printed out). Having missed 5 days of school to snow and frigid temps, they literally did not have the time to complete the Poe Project. But I need to get a midterm grade.

One of my comments was"I didn't think it was possible to take a horrific Poe story and make it tame!" It was "Hop-Frog" and that definitely is not tame!