Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meat Locker Temperatures

Yesterday, the heat was off in my room (and several other rooms) at Tiny Town High.  There was some kind of problem.  Experts were called. 

I borrowed a clock with an indoor thermometer from my young colleague.  The temperature in my room???  (Drum roll please.)

...56 degrees. 

Another colleague covered for me during 2nd hour, so I could run home and change into something warmer.  My students wore coats--and sometimes gloves. 

Thankfully, shortly after lunch, the heat came back on and temperatures gradually began climbing back to 68 or so. 

On this Thursday, I am thankful for the people that keep our heat running. 

Very thankful.  (And I'd be quite happy not to do that again this winter.)


R. Rufener said...

I love being called your "young colleague"! BR

Cousins said...

Seems like we MIGHT have been in the SAME school! Ours was totally out on Tuesday (no school)and yesterday only part of the school had heat that worked correctly! Guess who's room didn't work right...that's right the one I was in with a CALIFORNIA co worker! Never heard so much complaining in my life AND it was 60 in our room for the most part! Stay warm my CrAzY's going to get up to 60 this week-end in VA! Love ya

A said...

Way too cold!

It has been a while since I've made time to read anyone's blogs (and instagram and facebook help me stay at least SOMEWHAT up on a little news in your neck of the woods) but after you asked a question about the words on the paintings, I decided I'd MAKE some time to come over and catch up!

By the way, the words on the red and teal ones are just motivational type phrases... things like: keep it up, hold my hand hold my heart, shine your light. The teal and orange one was for Seth - it's lyrics from a song that was played at our wedding.