Friday, January 10, 2014

My Favorites this Friday

*Spider Solitaire
*Students picking up audition forms for "The Outsiders"
*Flonase Nasal Spray--love the smell of this and hope it shakes off my sinus infection
*Downton Abbey's new season
*Figuring out set designs for "The Outsiders
*Knowing that L is surviving her first week of leaving little E, and even enjoying her kindergartners
*Hearing that the Bug had a "slumber party" during naptime at the sitters.  (In other words, she and her friend giggled and talked like a couple of teenagers instead of napping.)
*Using an RV show as an excuse to meet up with the Mr.'s cousins, which leads to...
*Movie theaters that deliver wine to your seat!
*Walking with K in the mornings on a regular basis again

Oh, and today is sweet sister-in-law's birthday. She is the better half of my former favorite homeless couple.  Happy Birthday, A. Little Big Brother better spoil you a bit!

Happy Friday!

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